Cubed Magic Cream (Suitable for severe facial eczema and psoriasis)

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Suitable for people concerned about Suitable for eczema and psoriasis on face

If you suffer from the following symptoms

  • Itchy Skin, Red Skin, Swollen Skin, Flaky Skin, Dark Spots, Dry Skin, Rough skin, Thickened Skin

Specially formulated for Asian skin problems

  • Helps relieves itchy and redness skin
  • Helps soothe inflammation and swollen skin
  • Helps reduces flaking skin
  • Helps improve dark spots, fine lines and dry skin conditions caused by eczema
  • Helps repair damaged and rough skin through long term use

☀️ An one-off solution to help relieve inflammation, improve the condition of damaged skin and reduce skin pigmentation
☀️ Most of the users are positive on the effectiveness of soften damaged and thick skins

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