Cubed High Concentration Repairing Set (Suitable for Acnes Prone Skin, Mask Acnes and Sensitive Skin)

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Suitable for people concerned about acne, rosacea, masks-related acne, eczema and sensitive skin

If you suffer from the following symptoms

  • Stony Papule, Hormonal Acne, Whitehead, Pub, Swollen Skin, Inflamed Skin, Sensitive Skin and Itching Skin

Specially formulated for Asian skin problems

  • Helps expedite the healing process of stony papule and swollen sores
  • Particularly helps relieve itching, swelling, redness, inflammation, and painful skin
  • Improves the oily, dry, sensitive and red skin condition during menstrual period
  • Their light-weight and thin textures will not create any burdens to fragile and oily skin
  • Use them in a long term to recover skin condition; soften and moisturize skin; reduce skin pigmentation and acne scars.

☀️ 90% of our customers agree that it helps regulate sebum production and tone-up skin

☀️ Most of our customers find it effective on stabilizing and improving skin condition, as well as reducing sudden and periodic skin problems

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