Cubed Fall-Winter Ultra Moisturizing Set (Suitable for Eczema, Psoriasis and Topical Steroid Withdrawal Symptoms)

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Suitable for people concerned about eczema, psoriasis and topical steroid withdrawal symptoms (especially for body and scalp areas)

If you suffer from the following symptoms

  • Itchy Skin, Red Skin, Flaky Skin, Dark Spots, Swollen Skin, Rashes, Oozing Skin, Thickened Skin, Dry Skin

Specially formulated for Asian skin problems

  • Supports the recovery of affected skin area
  • Helps relieve itchy, redness and swollen skin
  • Concentrates on improving the skin condition underneath at the base
  • Improves dark spots, pigmentation, dry and hard skin conditions

☀️ Most of the customers agree that body oil helps expedite the recovery of skin from inflammation and weeping condition
☀️ Numbers of customers has proven their effectiveness on relieving topical steroid withdrawal syndrome

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