Cubed Cooling Body Spray (Suitable for Body and Scalp Eczema, Psoriasis and Topical Steroid Withdrawal Symptoms)


Suitable for people concerned about urticaria, psoriasis, topical steroid withdrawal symptoms, body eczema (esp. back and scalp)

If you suffer from the following symptoms

  • Burning Skin, Itchy Skin, Red Skin, Swollen Skin, Rashes, Oozing Skin, Dry Skin, Large Problematic Area, Outdoor Use

Specially formulated for Asian skin problems

  • Helps instantly cool down the problematic skin
  • Helps relieve from itching, swollen, redness, inflamed, stinging skin
  • Light texture and its cooling effect are perfect for eczema, psoriasis, and other stinging and burning skin conditions.
  • Protects your skin with a thin, nourishing, and non-greasy layer
  • Spray head design provides a convenient and no-touch option
  • Calming, cooling, moisturizing effects are perfect for the weather in Hong Kong

☀️ Most of the customers agree that Cubed Cooling Spray helps relieve and improve instant skin conditions.

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