cubed warriors perks

Birthday Gift and Voucher

Exclusive Products and Gift Set

Access to Seret Sales

Early Access to New Product

Refer A Friend Rewards

Earn Money Back on Every Purchase

Cash Back Rewards on every actions on our site and social media


What’s Cubed Warriors Rewards?

It’s our way to reward our customers. You’ll earn money back for all product purchases, actions on our site and social media, other perks like birthday surprise and more! Join us to get started now. With accumulated product purchases worth HK$1500 to enrol.

Who can join?

With accumulated product purchases worth HK$1500, your existing membership account will be automatically upgraded. If you do not have an account on our site, we will send you an invitation link via message or email to create a Cubed Warriors membership account.

How do I earn points?

You’ll earn 5% cash back just by joining Cubed Warriors Reward. From there, earn more points by purchasing Cubed products, following us on social, referring a friend, leaving product reviews on our site + more.

Can I earn points on past purchases?

You cannot retroactively earn points on purchases made before joining the Cubed Warriors Rewards program or before the program’s official launch date on 3rd September, 2020.
Customers who made a single purchase of 1500 HKD or more before the official launch date will get their cash back for the next purchase.

Do my cash rewards in the account ever expire?

Unused cash expire after 12 months.

How can I check my cash rewards balance?

Unused cash expire after 12 months.

How do I redeem my cash rewards?

You will see your rewards balance every time you purchase on the check-out page, you can choose to use or not to use it when you make a purchase

How do I leave the program?

Cubed Warriors Rewards account will be deactivate and unenrolled if you no longer activate the account for more than 12 months. You can contact us if you no longer want to earn cash rewards. You will lose any cash rewards you have accrued for both circumstance.

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